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"My favorite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time". Steve Jobs

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Time is the most valuable asset. Do you trade money for time or time for money? Ther goal is to earn more money to save even more time.

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Ask your self the following questions:

☐ Are you working so hard that you lose time?

Are you still doing the right things?

Are you still on track with your business?

☐ Are you earning enough to have a comfortable living?

Is your working life balance sustainable?

☐ Are you still aligned with your inner passion and purpose?

☐ Are you asking the right price for your added value?

You are not the only one. In fact, freelancers and solopreneurs are having a tough time with all the complexity and rules and social media pressure. Of course, these are all opportunities.  You are the most valuable asset for your business, so keep in mind, you are your business. But are you flexible enough to deal with it?

That's why I created a course which modells your business so that:

☑ Save more time for your core business

☑ Earn more money by doing less

☑ Align your passion and purpose with what you are doing

☑ Your work and private life will be in balance

☑ You will use your energy for the right things

☑ You will have a sustainable business

☑ You will be happier (and your friends & family too;-)

Here you'll find several value-added courses that will help you earn more with what you're good at. Use your expertise and monetize your craftmanship, your art, your designer qualities, your ict skills, etc.

☑ Transformation and result oriented

☑ You can follow the course everywhere when you have time
☑ Simple but very convenient checklists added to implement the learnings faster
☑ The course will pay for itself in almost all cases, so a high return on investment
☑ Courses are structured to optimize your result

☑ No risk. 14 day's, no question asked money-back guarantee

☑ Given by expert in the field of training freelancers to build their business

☑ Individual coaching is possible
☑ You get access to a community of like-minded people

☑ The course is very practical

☑The course is very practical, so get started right away.

This course is not for you:

  if you don't want to invest in your personal development and business development. 

 You want to go on without reflecting and a mindset to growth and to change

 You don't want to leave your comfort zone (and get the same results over and over again)  

This is what you get

☑ Every week a valuable lesson

☑ An assignment between the lessons so you can practice what is preached

☑ 12 lessons, alternately text, sometimes video,

☑ Workbook


☑ Individual coaching is possible (optional)

☑ You get access to a community of like-minded people

☑ Instant access, so you get started right away.

☑ Personal feedback on your assessments

About Fred

Hi, I am Fred, Business and personal coach for solo-entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, artists, who want to do the right thing. Making beautiful ideas come true. Solving problems in an innovative way, creating new opportunities, doing their core business. Helping them to earn more money to save more time is my goal. This portal wants to bee a one-stop solution for the creative freelancer. Hope to meet you inside.
Kind regards, Fred

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